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A few weeks ago I won a Voucher from Workshop Gym for a core gravity session!  


I know my core is something that needs LOTS of work (as any of you who have seen me running will attest) - John from Workshop gym was fantastic - over 4 sessions that I was able to book at times/dates that suited over several weeks he has put me through the paces. 


When I told him I was going to Germany to train/race for a German triathlon club, he tailored the core exercises so that I can easily do them at any gym over there.  I have been sore after EVERY session and would certainly recommend any athlete that is serious about gaining a strong core to invest in some time with ....... 


Thank you to North Harbour Triathletes Corner Swim Run series for giving me the opportunity to win this voucher - certainly a fantastic prize!


Natasha Bowyer

I head to Workshop Gym in Birkenhead twice a week, it is such a great gym, with everything required for rehab, strengthening and race preparation.  I have never been much of a ‘gym-bunny’ and was turned off by the intimidating atmosphere in some of the larger gyms.  The team at Workshop is so friendly and welcoming, with a great knowledge of sport-specific programmes.  I enjoy every session and would recommend this gym to anyone looking to get motivated and be inspired.


Anna Russell, Professional Ironman Triathlete

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