At The Workshop our focus is on providing you with the most effective training solutions possible to assist you in achieving your goals. Whether you want to train for a specific event or sport, focus on injury rehabilitation, weight loss, or simply keeping mobile and staying healthy, we are here to help. With a range of backgrounds and experience our trainers will provide you with a custom designed programme that suits your lifestyle and your personality.

If you have special requirements  or circumstances please do not hesitate to come and talk to us. We are here to help.



Memberships are as follows:


Student $90 per month

(Includes boxing and spin classes & anytime use of the gym and Total Gym Elevate circuit.)

Strength Membership $120 per month

(Access to the strength room as well as Boxing and Spin classes)

Gravity Studio Membership $120 per month

(Includes all Gravity classes as well as use of the Total Gym Elevate circuit during regular gym hours. Boxing and Spin classes are included in this package.)

Comprehensive Membership $150 per month

Full unlimited access to all classes as well as strength room access complete with 6 - 8 weekly programme updates with your assigned trainer. After hours access also available.


Concession Card $180 for 10 classes / gym sessions

                                 $300 for 20 classes / gym sessions

Casual Rate $25

(Applies to classes and anytime use of gym or Total Gym Elevate circuit)

Fabulously Fit $85

(Up to 5 group sessions per week for 65 years and over.)

M.A.D - Independant Instructors 

Classes for 6-15year olds

Please note; As we are a Boutique Facility we are always glad to talk to you about your requirements so please do not hesitate to talk to John anytime.